Howe Farm Park  LbNA # 55854

Placed DateSep 28 2010
LocationPort Orchard, WA
Found By Hidden Mickeys
Last Found Jun 29 2014
Hike Distance?

This Letterbox may be available on other websites, except Atlasquest!

This Letterbox is located in East Port Orchard, WA. - Kitsap County in a park with 83 acres of land, much of which is still heavily wooded and the rest fairly open grassy fields.

Park Description: Historic farm, walking trails, off-leash dog area.

Park Directions: Take Hwy 16 to Sedgwick. Travel east on Sedgwick about three miles to Long Lake Road. Howe Farm is located on Long Lake Road between Mile Hill Drive and Sedgwick.

Park Rules:


Once you have arrived at the park, go to the South entrance and park your vehicle near the steel gate.

Proceed around the gate and onto the trail that continues East. It will go downhill, across a stream and then back up the hill to an overgrown area that once was a clearing. From here, there are three trails(N/E/S). Take the trail going East and look for the fallen remains of an old shed. Nearby are two "V" trees and one of them points the way to the hiding place of what you seek.

BTW, if you are involved in the, GPS,, and websites, you will find one or more "treasures" to seek in this park for those websites as well.

My apologies for the Store-Bought Stamp. As soon as I can create one, it will be replaced.

Good Luck & Happy Hunting!