Be it ever so Humble  LbNA # 55860

Placed DateSep 29 2010
LocationUrbana, OH
Found By the martians 4
Last Found May 30 2011
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Be it ever so Humble

Be it ever so Humble
There's no place like home.
This letter box takes me back to where I lived as a kid. Where I learned to swim. Where I learned to ride a bike. Where I started school. So many memories and so many friends. It seems only fitting that I pay tribute to this quaint village with a letter box. I suggest you spend some extra time strolling thru this small cemetery to honor those who have been buried there.
Kingscreek is North East of Urbana, Ohio. From the Urbana Monument Square, go North on Main St. (Rt. 68) for 3.2 miles to Rt. 296. Turn East on 296 and go 1 mile to Kennard Kingscreek Rd. and turn North. The Cemetery is 1/2 mile on the left behind the Baptist Church. As you turn into the Cemetery there is a small parking lot on the right. Park and you can walk from there. The search for my "Humble Home" begins at the flag pole which is at the first intersection.
From the flag pole take a heading of 35 degrees for 30 paces. (One pace is 36 inches) You will find the grave stone for Frank Humble. Maybe he can help you find my "Humble Home". From there take a heading of 75 degrees for 50 paces. There you will find the grave stone for Harold Humble. I'm sure he can help you find my "Humble Home". From there take a heading of 135 degrees for 26 paces. Do you see it? It's at eye level in that tree. Thank you and have a great day.