Halloween Series: Monster Mash in Stanley Park  LbNA # 55886

Placed DateOct 1 2010
CountyBritish Columbia, CAN
LocationVancouver, BRC
Planted Bybenjemma    
Found By Kermit
Last Found Aug 23 2011
Hike Distance?

Every October, Stanley Park transforms it’s miniature train ride into the spooky and fascinating ghost train (http://vancouver.ca/parks/events/ghosttrain/index.htm). The Haunted Children’s Farmyard and the Creatures of the Night walks are also fun additions to this Halloween-themed outing. Now you can add Halloween letterboxing to the day’s and evening’s itinerary! (Be sure to come before nightfall to give yourself enough daylight to find the boxes, or else make it extra challenging by using a flashlight!). The loop takes about 1 ½ hours to complete.

Here’s a map of Stanley Park: [http://vancouver.ca/parks/parks/stanley/pdf/stanleypark_printable.pdf]. A good spot to park is in the parking lot near the miniature train and farmyard – when you enter Stanley Park, follow the signs to the train and farmyard, go north along Pipeline Road past the bus loop, and turn right into the parking lot. Note that you must pay a fee to park your car.

This series follows the Beaver Lake Loop trail. From the parking lot, head back onto Pipeline Rd. and it’s a couple of minutes’ walk north to the start of the Tisdall Walk trail on your left. There’s a gravel path going left, marked by a green sign showing you that that is the direction toward Beaver Lake and a brown post indicating that this is Tisdall Walk. Start your journey here, if you dare…

Well, word got around that the ghost train was in town
And every monster came to hear that choo-choo sound
They came from high and low to attend the killer bash,
To ride the train and eat some brains at the yearly monster mash.
Beaver Lake is the place to be, for goblins and ghouls on All Hallow’s Eve,
So be careful as you travel this frightening loop, or you may become tasty human soup.
Start your journey at the sign, that directs you to this lake of slime,
A post marked Tisdall marks the way, follow the path until it splits two ways.


Just before this split, look on the left side, evil has picked this place to hide.
2 big trees touch the path’s side. With his sythe this being chopped the tree behind.
There are 2 big trees before these, a bit further in, you want the one that is furthest in.
On the side away from the path, it’s looking grim… at chest-height, in a bark-filled hole, death lies within.
Now back to the intersection, turn left and move on, the brown post marked Beaver Lake can’t be wrong.
As you walk, it will curve, and another split in the road, another monster to find here if you’re so bold.
Look left, see a brown post marked South Creek? The small opening into the woods to the left of it is what you seek.
As soon as you enter the brush, a fallen log on your left and two small trees on your right. Keep walking ahead to the next tree on the right.
Next to it is a stump with points like a stake, you may need these should this monster awake.
Go on the side of the root where this stump lies and in the tree base behind bark to watch him rise.
Now back to the intersection you must go, the sign to Beaver Lake Circle is what you must follow.
Another intersection, this one has a “chair”… Go behind it to the right and into the tree grove if you dare.
Roll over the fallen log and branch at the base of the tree. But be careful of this monster's jolt of electricity...
Continue along the path that curves toward the lake, a crossing of a wooden bridge you must make.
Another intersection, keep going straight, but watch the sky for a full moon, it’s starting to get late…
At the first wooden dock on your right you should, go across from it on your left to enter the woods,
For just a few steps, bushwack and curve right, a big tree right ahead is the place tonight,
Where behind an old log that leans on the tree, behind dirt and sticks it is time to seize
this creature who is howling in a hole at the base. Just be careful he doesn’t claw off your face.
Now back on the path, follow the edge of the lake. Ravine trail goes left, you must go straight.
Then another path goes left once more, “Beaver Lake” says the post if you dare to explore…
Go left on this path, to the first tree on the right whose twisted roots cling to the path with fright.
To the right of this tree, two trees tall and thin. Next to these the wide-based tree this being is in.
Can you hear her cackle, can you smell her brew? Watch out! Be careful! She’ll vaporize you!
Go to the tree, on the side away from the path, in a bark-filled crack of a root to have the last laugh!
Back to the lake, turn left and keep looping. Past several single benches, until you reach a grouping
Of 3 benches together, one for Ken Page. Behind that bench, evil’s on a rampage.
Don’t let your wits unravel or lose your head, when you see 3 fallen logs that kind of look like a “Z”.
The biggest log, behind a bark sheath, is where this monster is wrapped up all snug underneath.
Now back to the path, go left at the next split. You’re lucky! You made it! You found the exit!
With all the monsters you’ve faced and the knowledge you’ve gained, you are now brave enough to ride the ghost train!