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Highlands Plateau Greenway

Highlands Plateau Greenway
Located in Highlands, North Carolina, the 5-mile network of walking trails connects natural areas and historic sites. Straddling the Eastern Continental Divide in a temperate rainforest, the area boasts the highest floral and faunal diversity in North America..
You can walk to each of these plants or drive to trail heads. Highlands Chamber of Commerce provides a map of the town; you can pick one up at the Recreation Park – Civic Center along with info for the Greenway. The three boxes at the Biological station are on a one mile walk. You can walk from here to the top of Sunset Rock or you can drive up. Kelsey Trail begins at the end of N 5th Street. Mill Creek Trail can be accessed from the Recreation Park gravel parking on Foreman Road or from Oak Lane. The Bascom Art Center is on the Greenway but the clue is given as a drive by.
Highlands Biological Station-Nature Center 930 Horse Cove Road. Park across the road or beside the Nature Center
Bascom address is 323 Fanklin Highway or US 64 West.
Highlsnds Recreation – Civic Center is Highway 64 East or two blocks East of Main.
Highlands Letterbox was planted by Katy as a project in 2003. Many of her clues are no longer valid. She did a good job of taking you on a tour of Highlands. To find this box; drive or walk to the top of Sunset Rock. At the gravel parking area to your right is the rock face of Sunset. The center trail is private and Sunset, and the box is the trail to the left. Go 100 steps in and over a fallen tree, up hill to the opening and boulder pile with a view East. Look under the bolder at the highest elevation, look under form the East.
The botanical gardens are fragile. There was a box in the past that was pulled as seekers were tromping through flower beds. These three boxes are on the trail. Pets must be on leash. Stay on trails. Do not pick or remove plant material. Watch for uneven terrain.
Rhododendron Trail box: the entrance for the garden is at the bottom left of the Amphitheater. At the Cherokee trail go right and past the stone paved area then down steps into the garden. Follow the Fern Trail to the left. If you see a Bat you are going correct. Do not cross the bridge to the Upper Lake Trail but stay on the Lower Lake Trail. Follow signs to Coker Rhodo Trail. After crossing the gravel road follow Coker Trail to the interpretative sign. At the beginning of a hand rail face the rock outcrop. In a crack, bottom center, behind a stick is the first stamp. Retrace your path to the boardwalk. Stay on the Upper Lake Trail for Falls Loop.
Falls Loop Box: at the three way intersection take Foreman Loop. At Effie Park take the Falls Trail. At the Appalachian Cove Forest sign look under the left side for a magnate box. It is only a short distance out and back to the small falls with one garden on the way. Go back to the three way intersection.
Woodland Loop: At the three way intersection take Foreman Loop left to Woodland Loop Trail. Go left and up steps on Woodland Loop Trail. Under the sign for Woodland Wild Flowers on the right side is a magnate pouch. Log in here. Continue on and back to the start.