Elephant Poo Surprize!!!  LbNA # 55907

Owneranymal krazy    
Placed DateOct 2 2010
CountyEl Paso
Locationcolorado springs, CO
Found By Wucky
Last Found Apr 8 2014
Hike Distance?

Welcome to Elephant Poo Surprize!!! Created by ANYMAL KRAZY

Created on a beautiful October 2nd day of 2010 by a dad and his daughter, oh and our tiny dog. Lol

This is a very easy 20-30 min. stroll down a wonderful concrete path along Cottonwood Creek.

To get there:
From I-25- Take Woodman exit, head east to Vincent (first set of stop lights) and head south (opposite Carls Jr) and follow Vincent around past car dealerships on right hand side with an “up to date factory” on your left. Directly after crossing the old ornate bridge take right into gravel parking lot. This is where the adventure begins.

Clues to the Poo:
- Begin by travelling down path on west end of parking lot.
- At concrete path take a left.
- Enjoy a nice leisurely stroll alongside the creek.
- Duck!! As cars and trucks whiz by overhead.
- Turn right at the sound of BATS!! Hehehe and golf balls onto the walk bridge.
- At the end of the bridge take a left and continue walking while enjoying the wonderful smells of excellent Italian food.
- Continue on until you see the sky reflected on your right (very kool!)
- Walk to the middle of the big mirror and notice a green utility fence on your right.
- At this point turn 90 degrees west then 90 degrees south off of the pavement onto the dirt/gravelish ramp and walk towards the big huge pipes.
- This is critical! Stop walking when you see (on the other side of the creek and starting from the pipes) 4 trees, then a group of trees, then one more to the right of the group. Line yourself with the tree to your right and the edge of the deck on the building to your left with the pipes in front of you.
- Once you are lined up turn exactly right and walk 4 good steps to a pile of five rocks. (two little ones on the left, a bigger one on the backside of the pile).
- At the rocks reach your hand down around the right side under the rocks. You will feel a small loose rock. You can pull it out but don’t lose it so you can put it back.
- Under that rock lies the Poo!!! Hehehe Don’t worry, we promise it wont get ya dirty.
- Congratulations you found it! Please leave comments on how we did and trade stamps.
Please reseal it with the Ziplocs and all because were thinking water is gonna be a factor here, ya know?

Thanks and we hope you enjoyed it, and always be ANYMAL KRAZY