Simon Says  LbNA # 55916

Placed DateOct 3 2010
LocationUrbana, OH
Found By The Chicken Kid
Last Found Jul 12 2014
Hike Distance?

Simon Says
This Letter box is in honor of Simon Kenton and is located in Oakdale Cemetery in Urbana, Ohio. This is the grave site of Simon Kenton. Simon was born in 1755 and died in 1836 . His grave site is the first stop of this letterboxing series.
From the square in Urbana, go east .7 of a mile on Scioto Street to Jefferson. Turn right on Jefferson and proceed .3 of a mile to the entrance to Oakdale Cemetery. After entering the cemetery take the first drive to the right and follow the signs to the grave site and monument for Simon Kenton. Find a place to park and walk around the monument.
Box #1: Simon says to find this letter box you will want to follow his eyes for 45 paces. (one pace is 36 inches) Simon is starring right at the tree. The box is hidden at the base of a large Sugar Maple tree. Take note of the huge old Oak tree next to this Maple tree. I have been told that Simon Kenton would have seen this very tree while he was in the area.
Box #2: Simon says to drive on and take the next fork to the left toward the center of the cemetery where you will find an open air gazebo. Find a place to park close by. You can walk to the next box. Simon says to take a heading of 40 degrees from the gazebo for 30 paces. The box is under the grave stone for Oella Stanton Houston. Right across the drive from this box is a buckeye tree so the stamp is a buckeye leaf.
Box #3: After replacing this box, Simon says to take the drive in front of Mrs. Houston’s grave toward the east. Simon says take the first gravel drive to the left and proceed to the next intersection and turn left. Proceed to the next intersection and take another left. You will pass the Section 13 sign on the left. You are looking for grave of Viola Kees on the left. From the grave stone of Viola Keys you take a heading of 150 degrees for 12 paces. The box is at the base of a large oak tree so the stamp is an oak leaf.