Boulder Bones  LbNA # 55928 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 4 2010
LocationBoulder, CO
Found By nedhead
Last Found Jan 23 2011
Hike Distance?

*** Reported missing as of 15 March 2011 ***

Come visit Tom Horn, Mary Rippon, and Rocky Mountain Joe!

Opened in 1870, Columbia Cemetery is a ghostly "Who's Who" of old Boulder, containing the mortal remains of many of the city's notable citizens. Located at Ninth and Pleasant Streets, the cemetery is open from dawn to dusk. Dogs on leash are permitted. Cars are allowed, but will make you very obvious in this small graveyard. I advise parking on street and proceeding on foot.

Enter through the Pioneer Gateway and take the first left turn. Stop at the little stone bridge and have a seat on the flat rock near the northeast corner. Look for a niche in the east side of the bridge. Under a flat rock you'll find a planter's pouch containing Bones. Please be sure to re-hide so it can't be seen!

Hand-carved stamp, hand-made logbook, no ink. I always appreciate reports from the field: