Ihk Nart  LbNA # 55941

Placed DateOct 1 2010
CountyOther International
LocationIkh Nart, Shivee Govi, Mongolia, INT
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I spent two weeks on a volunteer research team in Ihk Nart nature reserve - a great time. Had to leave an appropriate letterbox of course. The research camp is located at N45 43' 23.0" E108 38' 40.7" You do not have to enter the grounds to find this box. Park before the stone wall delineating the camp. Follow the wall to the left as you face it as far as it goes (right in front of the out houses.) Go back along the wall 3 steps and look behind a long rock, underneath a large rock. You may have to move a couple small rocks to find the camoflauged pill bottle.