Soyombo  LbNA # 55942

Placed DateOct 1 2010
CountyOther International
LocationUlanbataar, INT
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This box is hidden in front of the National Museum. You do not need to go inside to find it. The museum is just off Sukhbaatar Square.

As you stand facing the door to the museum you'll notice the white concrete wall around the patio area. Go to the lower left corner (southwest I think). There is a crumbling brick wall connecting the white wall with circular holes to the neighboring wall to the west. The pill bottle container is hidden behind some crumbling mortar down the crumbling wall a bit near the white wall.

The stamp is the soyombo the national symbol of Mongolia. You'll find it on the flag, the Mongolian coat of arms and on many official documents such as money, stamps, etc.

Now go enjoy the museum.