Rugged Plain  LbNA # 5596

Placed DateSep 6 2003
Location???, NE
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 11 2015

Every time I drive across country on I-80, I like to stop and check out the old sod house just off the exit to see if the Opuntia is still on top. RTRW says she likes quick drive ups, so here’s one for her “Rugged Plain” box. From the furthest east picnic table behind the giant plow just look a few feet north and find an old railroad tie next to a big cottonwood tree. The box is hidden just one step west from its eastern end. You can see the old soddy from here, but if you want a closer look inside, it will cost a dollar to go in through the museum. There is also a pony express museum one mile north from this same exit.

Hope you have a nice visit.