The Bell Witch Misplaced Her ____???  LbNA # 56055

OwnerLost in Time    
Placed DateOct 7 2010
LocationAdams, TN
Found By foxfriend
Last Found Jan 16 2012
Hike Distance?

or a scary, black cat
or the spirit of 'Kate', just imagine THAT!
Kate, the Bell Witch, has something missing, you see
And she says to you, "Can you find it for me?"
It is hidden in the mousehole, of a big ol' tree.

The Bell family, long taunted & tortured by Kate, now rest peacefully in Bellwood
Cemetery in Adams, Tn. This private graveyard doesnt' have a lot of visitors , so you should be able to 'find what the witch is missing' without being noticed. The graveyard can easily be seen by the highway, however, so try not to arouse suspicion from passers-by. Take your inkpad. You may get your hands dirty, so you might want to take a glove or small spade.

After your visit to the cemetery, take a 'broomstick ride' next door to the Bell School. Have lunch in the cafeteria, do a little antique shopping, and browse through Adams/Bell Witch history & memorabilia in the museum. See the link below for things to do while in Adams. Please mapquest directions to Adams, TN.