The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo  LbNA # 56059 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerLock, Shock & Barrel    
Placed DateOct 11 2010
LocationKenosha, WI
Found By IsaGeoEve
Last Found Jan 6 2013
Hike Distance?

Letterbox Name: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Location: Kenosha, WI
Distance: Approximately 0.5 miles (round-trip)

NOTE: The stamp in this box, though not featuring nudity, is rather suggestive (moreso than, say, a classic pinup illustration). What’s more, the figure bears a remarkable similarity to a character from a classic Disney animated film. Given that, I’m assigning this one a “PG-13” rating. Maybe not a great stamp for families with young children.

Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Wisconsin, there stood a stately castle, a monument to the land’s most renowned export. And as legend has it, a sleeping maiden live in that castle, waiting to be awakened by true love’s kiss.

But if one were at all curious about how that drowsy place had magically begun to slumber, you might find your answer by going south, down the 94th highway, just past the 50th road. There, just off the west frontage road, past a sign that reads “Jean McGraw Nature Preserve” you will find a dark patch of forest. It’s a twisted place protected by thorny vines and, at times, ferocious insects the size of ravens. Indeed, these very flying guardians have been known to instill such fright and discomfort as to send the most intrepid of explorers dashing away in a frenzied panic…

But past those vines, through the mosquitoes, you will find a path through what was once a fertile land. Now, littered with fallen trees and twisted roots, it is the sort of place that might give rise to old wives’ tales of evil witches and sorcery.

A bit further along the trail, and you will find the rusting remains of a carriage. Further yet, and you’ll see two large rocks on your right. To find your quarry, look directly between those two rocks, to a ruined tree. Approach between the rocks, and walk left around the tree, to the back side. There, hidden in a groove against the tree’s main trunk, under assorted pieces of wood, you’ll find what you seek.

Once you’ve discovered the ferocious beauty that awaits you, secure the stamp and logbook in their bag, and rehide the box well.


Please note: Please stamp in with green or olive ink only.