360 Dog's Eye View  LbNA # 56089

Placed DateMay 14 2010
LocationAustin, TX
Found By screamin meemie
Last Found Sep 29 2012
Hike Distance?

Clue difficulty: Easy
Terrain difficulty: Easy.

-Find your way to the NW lime stone perch overlooking the 360 bridge.
-From the tree at the edge of the bluff, while looking in the direction of the bridge, find the path to your immediate right.
-Follow the path along the bluff.
-Once you walk through a fence, walk 35 to 40 paces along the bluff.
-Enjoy the view to your left. Then walk down the path to your right.
-Once you get to the bottom of the path, look for a pair of rocks perpendicular to each other in close proximity. The letterbox is hidden right behind those rocks.