can you find it  LbNA # 56098

Ownerav kid    
Placed DateOct 14 2010
Locationhouston, TX
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Hike Distance?

my lettere box is hidden in the grdy area but which part guess where.onece you find the area i want you to follow these steps but step by step.

clue#1=onece your there loook around the area to reconize the area.
clue#2=i want you to walk until you get to the swingsstop there and turn around untill you face the tennis court.walk to it and stop.
clue#3=once you stoped turn around againg untill you face the large track field.runn to the middle look around until you see a tree that is next to the metro stop.walk to it and look for the biggest tree you can guess which ever one .once you you reached a hole croud of trees walk around all of them if the until you reache the tree that has a weird mark on it look down niel and guess what dig yust dig.
clue#4=have you ever hearde a sentence that says what you find is what you get but no you cant keep it no matter what
those are my clues for you have fun finding my letter box.thank you for plaing!