Bear Valley  LbNA # 56104

OwnerWapiti Seekers    
Placed DateOct 3 2010
LocationStanley, ID
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Bear Valley

The Stanley area is one of our favorite places to camp, and hunt deer and elk. After traveling through Lowman and on your way toward Stanley, you will turn on a dirt road 579, there is a wooden sign there that will take you to the Bruce Meadows area, Dagger Falls and Deadwood Reservoir. You can take 582 from the Lowman side, but that road is usually a lot more rough and bumpy, you might as well take the highway until you find this huge wooden sign, turn left at the sign. There are 3 boxes total in this area, but due to the distances traveled between them, they are not considered a series.

As you follow this road you will crest over a Cape Horn Summit. Keep following the road down the hill and through the trees until you see the Fir Creek trail sign on the left hand side (south side) of the road. Pull over and park in the area provided. When traveling on trails you should always sign your party in and out. In order to reach this box you must cross a creek. So be advised you should either wear water proof boots, travel on a motorcycle (the two wheel variety, the trail is not wide enough for a 4 wheeler) or have a loving spouse that will get his feet wet and carry you across, (mine did). Also keep in mind that after spring run off the creek may be high. This box was planted in early fall and the water was low.

After crossing the creek, at the waters edge take 32 paces (64 steps) along the trail. On your right you should see an old stump of a tree that at some point fell over. You should now be looking at part of the roots sticking up. At the time of the planting there was a round rock on the left side of the trail, straight across and up the hill from the stump you are seeking. Behind this stump (approximately 8 feet up the hill) you will find Bear Valley hiding. Please rehide it well, we tried to make it look as nature as possible. That way the ordinary muggles will not see me as they hike through. If you have a GPS here are your coordinates N 44 degrees, 23 minutes and .207 seconds/ W 115 degree, 17 minutes and .572 seconds.

If you are Letterboxing in this area during the months of September and October please wear some orange clothing as hunting is going on at this time. This way you are safe. Also you should carry some bear spray with you on the trails. They call this area Bear Valley for a reason.

If you find this box missing or in need of repair, please contact placer, thank you.

There is a first finder trading card in the box.