Where the Eagles Soar!  LbNA # 56105

OwnerWapiti Seekers    
Placed DateOct 3 2010
LocationStanley, ID
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Where the Eagles Soar!

The Stanley area is one of our favorite places to camp, and hunt deer and elk. After traveling through Lowman and on your way toward Stanley, you will turn on a dirt road 579, there is a wooden sign there that will take you to the Bruce Meadows area, Dagger Falls and Deadwood Reservoir. You can take 582 from the Lowman side, but that road is usually a lot more rough and bumpy, you might as well take the highway until you find this huge wooden sign, turn left at the sign. There are 3 boxes total in this area, but due to the distances traveled between them, they are not considered a series.

After stopping and nabbing the Bear Valley stamp continue further up the road. You will drive past the Bear Valley potties. This is a great place to take a short break. Continue west on 579 and when you reach the Y in the road go right. You will then pass the Bear Valley Campground and go across a bridge. At certain times of the year you may see Salmon in the waters, eagles in the air, and elk in the meadows. Approximately 9/10 of a mile on the right hand side will be a pull off. Pull over and park by the dead tree roots which are about five feet or so tall. At the base of the roots you will see a national forest wilderness sign. Look at the trees in front of you; you should see another national forest wilderness sign posted on a tree. Take the path at its feet, which will then widen as you head up a hill. This is also a very, very old service road. Hike along this old service road. On the left hand side as you go up the hill you will see some very large anthills. Continue your hike, you will come to an old marker on the top of hill, it has lost the words to tell you where you are. Continue down the hill and after you are at the bottom look to your left and seek out a very old snag, about 18inches in diameter, its branches are covered with a dry moss and they are very gangly looking. My kids thought the tree looked like it had a lot of arms. Hike up to the tree and stand on the left side of it. Hike 11 paces (22 steps) in a North Westerly direction. Look for a white rock at the base of a tree. There should be a smaller fallen tree laying behind it. At the base of this fallen tree, hiding in the roots is Where the Eagles soar. Please rehide this box well. Here are your GPS coordinates N 44 degrees, 25 minutes, and .024 seconds / W115 degrees, 22 minutes, and .891 seconds

If you are Letterboxing in this area during the months of September and October please wear some orange clothing as hunting is going on at this time. This way you are safe. Also you should carry some bear spray with you on the trails. They call this area Bear Valley for a reason.

If you find this box missing or in need of repair, please contact placer, thank you.

There is a first finder trading card in the box.