Nelson's Travels  LbNA # 56107

OwnerGone 2 the Beach    
Placed DateOct 15 2010
LocationOskaloosa, IA
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This letterbox is placed on the grounds of the Nelson Pioneer Farm NE of Oskaloosa. Take some time and tour the museum while you are there. Learn a little history of the family that this letterbox is named after.

**Note** You will need a simple baseplate compass.

Begin at the south-west base of the tall, white windmill and walk across the road to the front steps of the two story red brick house. Stand on the steps facing north. Follow the heading of 66 degrees until you reach a pole with a bell on it.

At the base of the bell proceed on a heading of 310 degrees and cross the two white footbridges. At the end of the second footbridge walk approximately 35 paces on a heading of 338 degrees past the old home to the base of the light post. Proceed on a heading of 339 to the NE corner of the non-period metal building.

Walk straight north, (a heading of 360 degrees) to the birdhouse on a post. You are now at the entrance to the nature trail. From the birdhouse walk approximately 25 paces/strides down the trail until you reach a large Honey Locust tree on the left (make sure you have gone down the trail about 25 paces/stides). Look near the NW base of the tree under two fallen branches and an item not found in nature. You will find the symbol of how the Nelsons traveled.

Please remember to seal up the letterbox well and hide it back in place carefully. There are many tour groups that use the nature trail.