By the Bay - Quilt Block Series  LbNA # 56119

OwnerLone Star Quilter    
Placed DateOct 12 2010
LocationGalveston, TX
Found By NLW
Last Found May 25 2015
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Traditional quilt blocks are made up of small pieces of fabric sewn together in a pattern, usually a geometrical combination of shapes in different colors and patterns. I love those quilts, but I'm a big fan of appliqued quilts also. Appliqueing gives you a broad range of character and content because you can cut out any shape you want and apply it to a contrasting background, making a picture, much like painting or drawing. Making appliqued squares and sewing them together into a quilt can be a fun project. The quilt you are about to make represents Galveston Island, By the Bay. It is a series of microboxes with micro stamps that are scattered about the Island. There are six stamps (quilt blocks) and each is one inch square. You should reserve a space in your logbook that is 2" x 3" and stamp each block into that space, each touching the other. When you have found all six, you will have made an appliqued quilt. You can find them and stamp them in any order to make your own special design.

1. Creepy Crab

In Galveston, after crossing the big bridge, I-45 becomes Broadway Ave. (Ave. J). Turn south on 40th St. then right into the cemetery. This complex is made up of 7 cemeteries, and the one on your immediate left as you enter is Old City Cemetery. Park your car and walk into the cemetery.

To the box:
Go to the far southwest corner of the cemetery and find the obelisk marking the grave of Jacob P. Watson. There is a chain link fence behind the marker. Look at the first fence post to the right of the marker. The metal mini box is attached to the post with a magnet. When you replace it, please be sure the lid is up so that water can’t get in. You will need blue and orange markers.

2. Angel Fish

Heading west on Seawall (FM 3005), before you get to the State Park, look for 11 Mile Road on the right. Turn right and then left on Stewart Rd. Turn right on Eckerd Dr. into Laffite’s Cove subdivision. Watch for the parking area for the nature area on the right. Park here.

To the box:
Read the trailhead sign and then cross the wooden footbridge and pass the gazebo. At the intersection, go right to the “Texas Persimmon” sign on the right side of the paved path. The camo micro box is hanging in the middle of the tree about 5 feet above the ground. Purple and Yellow markers are needed for the crab.

3. Ridley Turtle

Galveston Island State Park
can be reached from Interstate 45 by exiting right onto 61st Street and traveling south on 61st Street to its intersection with Seawall Boulevard and then right (west) on Seawall (FM 3005) 10 miles to the park entrance on the left. Pay the fee and get a map of the park. Go back out and cross FM 3005 to the Nature Center, which is in the first building on the right. Park next to the building. The Nature Center is only open on weekends.

To the box:
Take the nature trail to the pond and sit on the bench looking out at the pond. You’ll probably see a turtle or two, but they won’t be Ridleys. Look at the bush and the left end of the pier. The camo micro box is hanging in the center of the bush about 4 feet above the ground. Orange, green and brown markers would be appropriate.

4. Dancing Dolphin

Find the Moody Gardens Hotel. Park in Lot C west of the hotel. Find the corner of the lot marked C15. Walk toward the playground, thru Tram Stop 1. Cross the street toward the volleyball court with the green chain link fence. Turn right on the sidewalk, walking between 2 white 4’ tall lights. Starting with the first light on your left, count 7 lights. You should see on the left 3 tall palm trees and 1 short one. Look in the last palm, 6 feet above the ground tucked among the fronds. The camo micro box has a wire hook attached. Blue and gray markers would be nice.

5. Tall Ship

** Unfortunately, this box went missing before ever being found. I will replace it when I can get back to Galveston**
Directions: This box is located at Kempner Park, 2704 Ave. O, in Galveston, Texas. Park in the parking lot next to the Garten Verein.

To the box:
Walk toward the back of the park past the arbor with the concrete columns. At the end of the sidewalk, turn right and circle the fountain, clockwise, to the last bench on the left. Sit on the bench and enjoy the peaceful sound of the fountain. Look over your shoulder to a large oak behind you. Walk around to the tree and find the camo micro box hanging in the bush behind the tree, about 2 feet above the ground. You will need red, light blue and dark blue markers.

6. Sea Snake

Corps Woods is in Galveston. Right after crossing the big bridge, take the Harborside exit (1C) and turn left on Harborside (TX 275). After 6.2 miles it will dead-end into Ferry Road (TX 87). Turn left (north) and go .4 miles to TX 168 by a Shell gas station on the right. Turn right and go .6 miles to a small parking area on the right by a brown sign saying Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail. The US Coast Guard base is just down the road.

To the box:
Walk to the gate and read the sign that says: CAUTION, BEWARE OF SNAKES. Please heed the sign and be very careful. There is a cross bar in the chain link fence behind the sign. Follow it to the far end and under it you will find the snake. You need green and purple markers.