Dead Alive  LbNA # 56142

OwnerHalf Empty    
Placed DateOct 16 2010
LocationRochford/Hill City, SD
Found By Walkabout
Last Found Sep 18 2011
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This letterbox is dedicated to Peter Jackson's finest movie, Dead Alive. I'm planting this box in time for Halloween - it's one of my favorite horror movies. The Black Hills of South Dakota have some famous heads. Well, Dead Alive has a famous head too and that is the stamp you will find with this box.

NOTE: The stamp in this box contains a gory image from the movie. It may not be appropriate for young children.

This stamp is located along the Mickelson Trail. The Mickelson trail follows an old railroad line for over 100 miles from Deadwood, SD to Edgemont, SD. Replacing all the trestles and cleaning up the trail must have been quite a project and people in the area seem proud of it. You are encouraged to pay a $3 day use fee per person while on the Trail, but there's no one around to enforce this policy.

The activity of choice on the Mickelson Trail is bike riding, although you are welcome to hike it as well, of course. You can rent bikes in many of the towns along the route (Rochford would be a good starting point for this box, for example), and shuttles can be arranged to pick you up at various locations. Since the trail is an old train line there are no large hills and the grade is level and easy to walk or bike. Along the Trail you will find access points with bathrooms and places to rest.

We started our walk at the Mystic Trailhead, mile marker 74.7, having driven to this access point from Hill City. However you get to this letterbox (whether from the North or South) your goal will be "Tunnel C," located at mile 76.9. Locating this tunnel will be much easier with the Mickelson Trail guide map that you can find all over the Black Hills. Find Tunnel C on this map before setting out - otherwise you won't know if you're in the right place or not since the tunnels are not labeled.

The walk from the Mystic Trailhead to Tunnel C is about 4.5 miles roundtrip. Along the way you will pass streams, beaver ponds and lots of the irridescent slate you can see in many places in the Black Hills. During our walk we saw men panning for gold in the small stream.

Once you reach Tunnel C, enter it from the southern end, walking along the right side. About halfway into the tunnel the wooden beams along the wall will stop and the wall will become solid rock. Just after the last wooden beam look down near the ground. The box is behind a rock and has another piece of slate laid against it.

We hope you enjoy this spooky box and your time on the Mickelson Trail!