Mato Tipila  LbNA # 56144 (ARCHIVED)

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Placed DateOct 15 2010
Location???, WY
Found By ???
Last Found Jun 27 2013
Hike Distance?

*** Box is in place and OK as of 10-1-12 ***

This letterbox is located near a popular rock formation location near the town of tteluH.

To enter this location with a vehicle it will set you back $10 - but you didn't drive all the way out into the middle of Nowhere, WY, to not to get as close as you can, right?

Park near the visitors' center and head towards the Mato Tipila. You will be walking on the loop trail - technically known as the rewoT Trail (a 1.3 mile loop). When you reach a boulder field you will need to decide whether you want to go right or left around the loop. Go right, moving around the rewoT in a counter clockwise manner.

On the south east side of the rewoT you will see a brown sign that reads "Historic Wooden Stake Ladder Visible Through Viewing Tubes." Good luck with the viewing tubes - you can see the wooden ladder better through the larger binoculars located off to the right.

Standing on the main trail, align this sign with the center of Mato Tipila. Then take 23 steps down the trail in the direction you were traveling. You will pass a large healthy juniper on your left. Once past this tree, take 7 steps off the trail to the left. The box is located here in a rock hollow, covered by several rocks and pine needles. If anybody asks, you're Native American and it's a prayer bundle. You should be able to sit in this location and not look too suspicious tying your shoes or whatever. Expect heavy foot traffic in the summer months. Also be vigilant of the rangers - they walk the paths during the day and will destroy letterboxes with their righteous heat vision.

You can continue around the loop or walk back the way you came in.

There is another letterbox near one of the gift shops as you drive in, so be sure to pick that up too!