The Karate kid  LbNA # 56146

Placed DateOct 4 2010
LocationVerona, WI
Found By Leapin' Lizards
Last Found Jun 8 2012
Hike Distance?

Two times every year my family and I head to Verona for the karate tournament. We always have a great time, so we wanted to share the experience by placing a letterbox in town. This box is in honor of my 7 year old daughter, P.U.G. (Pink Unicorn Girl), who competes in the tournaments.

To begin your journey you will start in the small parking lot of the losOn akO doWso teSat ulNatra aeAr. Find the small wooden post marked "riePair lrTia. Now would be a good time to stretch, so as not to hurt yourself when doing your karate moves.

Take this trail and follow it as it twists and turns. After a while you will come upon a knobby giant on your left. stance, hands on trigger! If it makes a move towards you give it a quick back fist and roundhouse kick. Continue on the trail until you come to a tree in the middle of your path. Get into your left-leg-lead, fighting stance and do high blocks around the tree (either direction). This will protect you from any sudden moves it may make.

Continue on the path. At the Y, choose wisely and go the right way. In karate, the paths you choose are very important on your journey. Tread lightly and do not be tripped up by the upcoming log in the path, and the root after that, and another root even farther up. Ignore the path on the left; instead continue to curve to the right. Quick, get into a deep front stance and do middle punches until you have safely gone under the 'arch'.

In a short while you will come upon a stone path leading you over a creek (which was dry when I planted this). Cross the creek and look for the 5 sister tree on your right. Again, get into a front-stance and alternate high-blocks and low-blocks for 24 paces. (We need to protect ourselves from any muggles who may be nearby). On your left you will see a 15 foot tall stump. Directly across the path from the stump you will see a V tree. That V stands for Victory, because you have successfully protected yourself on your journey and have found the Karate Kid letterbox. What you seek is hidden behind the V, under sticks and bark.

Please seal all baggies well and re-hide under the sticks and bark. Updates on the box status are appreciated.