Trail of Fears : Amychophobia  LbNA # 56184

Placed DateOct 22 2010
LocationWelch, MN
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A pure letterbox in the phobia series along the Cannon Valley Trail.

Find Mile Marker #12 between Welch and Red Wing. From there:
1. Walk toward the West on the trail for about 54 steps.
2. Look toward your left (South). Up the slope about 16 feet away you'll see a small cave, or cleft, with jagged edges.
3. Carefully climb up over the rough rocks avoiding all the thorns, brambles, itchweed, cockleburrs, and poison ivy and gently reach your hand in there to obtain the letterbox.

Amychophobia is the fear of being scratched. It looks like Amy has a fear of being chopped, or a fear of an Asian lady, but that's not the case. Rather, as almost always for phobias, the origin is Greek. Amycho is Greek for a scratch and of course phobia is Greek for fear. If, as a letterboxer, you haven't yet overcome a fear of being scratched, I'm afraid there's really little more that can be done for you. Oh, and watch out for the mountain lion!

There's a $3/day fee for biking or rollerblading on the trail until Nov. 1.