Dipping Vat  LbNA # 56231

Placed DateOct 23 2010
LocationRamer, TN
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Go to the Big Hill Pond State Park boat ramp. There is a trail going off to the right (counter clockwise), follow that. Along the way you will cross over the stream that feeds the lake and a road with a sign that says Grassy Point Shelter. Continue down the trail until you see a short small trail going off to the right. At this point you should see the cement dipping vat. Search along the edge of the structure for a hole; the box is covered with leaves. Make sure you check for snakes and spiders before reaching in.
The hike is about two miles and depending on what time of year you go where the stream enters the lake can be swampy. If you have a park map the trail you follow will be marked with black dots.