Cloe's Hike  LbNA # 56252

Placed DateOct 17 2010
LocationDenver, NC
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The trail is located by entering through the R-Anell gate off Highway 16 North near the south side entrance of Rock Springs Elementary School. Located in the same parking lot as the Hagar skate park.

Pass through the gate and take the path 2 of 3, the narrow path next, to the evergreen tree.

A field on your right, woods on your left, and a few twists and turns, you will come to a Q,R,S,__.

Take a right and walk a bit, pass between two green towers, and have a sit.

A field on your left, and on your right, soon turns to forest, a shady delight.

Now there's a choice and you must go one, in fighting for a way, Shorty won.

Many natural speed bumps to step, and a creek bed, opposite your left.

Approaching a rusty snare on your left, down, down, down, watch your step.

Don't take a right, take a wrong, now your wait is not so long.

Pass 2 honey tanks and up a hill, the surroundings seem very still.

Triple, dipple, hole in one, look down for the rock, behind it is your fun!

Please bury the box well, for Cloe's memorial to share. She never got to walk this hike with us, but now her beautiful spirit lives there.