Bitterroot Triathlon  LbNA # 56277

Placed DateOct 30 2010
LocationHamilton, MT
Found By Sarah & Benjy
Last Found Sep 8 2012
Hike Distance?


Started the year before we moved here, our house is on the course & we cheer everyone on each summer. Boxes we hidden to honor each leg of the race as well as the important finish!!

THE SWIM: Find the corner of Kurtz & Marcus streets. Towards the softball fields you will see a mid sized burned stump. On it's backside, closest to the fields you'll find a swimmer.

THE BIKE: Park on the pull out before the canal crossing on Freeze lane. It will be towards the south end of the HS soccer fields. Walk north to the last tree on the left. Nestled on the side close to the soccer field fence you'll find the rider.

THE RUN: If you are parked in the pull out (above) find a stump with a tree still growing out of it- you'll be close! In there is your runner.

THE FINISH: (Possibly missing 10/5/12) Go to the start and end point for this triathlon. Then go around back and find a cottonwood by some wooden bleachers. Nestled in the middle of this cottonwood "bunch" you'll find a finisher ribbon! This is also the box that has the logbook. The others have only stamps!