Trick, No Treat!  LbNA # 56317

OwnerWisconsin Hiker      
Placed DateOct 31 2010
Location???, WI
Found By ???
Last Found Aug 7 2014
Hike Distance2-3 mi
Last EditedMay 15 2016

Last found/checked: 8-SEP-13. Clues updated 24-SEP-13.

Time: Approximately 60-90 minutes depending on season & trail conditions.

Terrain: Varied trail surfaces through prairies & wooded areas with one STEEP hill.

We planted this spooky box on Halloween, so be forewarned…

The Legend: The story begins over 80 years ago. A farmer went crazy and killed his family and neighbors with an ax. All the houses in the area have been torn down since, and the road where the farm houses once stood has been closed. The old road is still reachable, but it is said that you will be overcome by an overwhelming sense of dread when you are there.

A paranormal research investigation group noted that as they neared the area there was a noticeable temperature change and the wind blew violently. Accompanied by a very experienced paranormal investigator and his team, they walked through the area. Oddly enough it was very quiet on all the trails, no wind blowing and a stable temperature except near the farm location where the temperatures dropped and the wind picked up dramatically. One of the lead investigators became extremely ill as they passed an area about halfway down the trail. The energy was immense in this area so they took pictures. As they left they agreed that there was something there, but they weren't sure what. They went over their evidence the next day and found that they were not alone that night; they recorded a little girl’s voice on their EVP recorder.

You should be warned that this area is also noted for drag racing deaths and suicides, so there may be many ghosts haunting the area…

If you need help discovering the location, you may wish to solve a simple Word Search puzzle, which may reveal a helpful clue.

After you know where to go, drive to the first parking lot on the left. Gather your courage and begin on the hard path in the southeast corner. Hopefully no spirits will arise from under the bridge as you cross. You can escape by darting across the road and ascending the small path. You would do well to head east and follow the path as it curves to the south. You will pass three benches, but if you dare rest, you may tempt the spirits to swirl about you in the wind as you try to enjoy the view.

Stay to the left until you reach a patch of asphalt and you will see a trident of possibilities. If you are intent on conducting your own investigation, take the path at 155°. Continue on for quite a ways, swinging your trick-or-treat sack bravely. Stay right at a small “Y”, then left at a “T”. When you reach a “Y” facing the distant towering inferno, follow the righteous path. Stay straight at an intersection where you will pass by a concrete & steel island on the left – sadly no treats from this defunct abode! Traipsing forward on the path at 274° you next will come to a likely deserted picnic area. The ghosts of former families may offer you some ghastly treats, but it would be best if you escape by taking the gravel path at 10°.

Ignore the temptation to turn at an intersection, and then pass another concrete pad on your left. Oh, what is the story behind these sad remains and the former occupants?? Stumbling along as you grow more anxious, you pass an open area with a large juniper shrub, and then take a right at an overgrown “T”. Reaching another “T” you wonder how you can escape… you choose the sinister route. You try to follow the path as it meanders and are at first relieved to finally see some large wooden posts on your left, adjacent to a major route. However as you approach, you are overcome with a sense of overwhelming dread. You consider fleeing, but are strangely drawn to the rocks near the second post. Could there actually be some treats available on Halloween? You cautiously approach the rock pair and notice a bark door, weighted with rocks. Slowly…. bravely… you open the door and shout “TRICK OR TREAT!”

Yikes! You quickly but carefully push the occupant back into his abode so he can’t chase you as you race to the end of the boardwalk and then west down the wide path. You take evasive action when you notice a path on your right that leads you over a bridge. Traveling along the tree line, you run as fast as you can as you try to escape the demon pursuing you. When you spot an info board you veer left, angle to the northeast, then switch back to the west on a paved path. Your chest is heaving and your heart is thumping as you finally reach your vehicle, leap inside and quickly lock the doors! You’re safe, or at least you think you are….

Status updates on this box would be appreciated!