Deep Run School House  LbNA # 56331

OwnerMother Earth    
Placed DateNov 2 2010
LocationRichmond, VA
Found By Crown Jewels
Last Found Mar 5 2016
Hike Distance?

Deep Run School House

ArtZ Mom, my co-leader in Girl Scouts, originally created this letterbox in 2006 while we were teaching our troop about the hobby. It went missing in 2007. I have re-created the box for Troop 3198 who is now (2010) learning about Letterboxing. My daughter created the stamp and logbook in 2007 for a Girl Scout Mailbox Ring that went around in 2007. Now it has a permanent home. Enjoy! Mother Earth

To get there:
I-64 exit 178-A (Short Pump Exit)
Left at 5th light onto Pump Road.
Left into Short Pump Park (next to Elementary School)

Find the sign and spend some time studying the letters.
Your clue will appear without a tear and you will be the better.

___ ___ ___ ___ letters 1-4 (word 1)

___ ___ ___ letters 5-7 (word 2)

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ letters 8-16 (word 3)

Clues for letters in words 1-3
1: 17th word, 1st letter
2: 1st word, 3rd letter
3: last sentence, 2nd word, 4th letter
4: 2nd line, last letter
5: 1st line, first letter
6: 11th capitalized word, 1st letter
7: 3rd line, last letter
8: 6th line, 4th letter
9: same as #7
10: 9th line, 1st letter
11: same as #10
12: same as #9
13: 7th line, last letter
14: 5th sentence, 1st letter
15: 5th word, 1st letter
16: “X” marks the spot

You now have three words above
They are not the last
Four more you must figure out
At this school from the past

The clues have changed but not the quest
Continue on your mission
You are almost there, do not despair
The box will be in vision

Word #4
Add together the numbers from the year in which
the school opened. If the sum is:
Odd, the word is “above”
Even, the word is “under”

Word #5
How many windows are in the schoolhouse?

Word #6
Is this school handicapped accessible?

Word #7
Has this school always been located on this site?

You’re all done with the clues
Put all the words together
Your victory you soon shall see
The stamping’s in the leather

Please be sure to re-hide well so work crews don’t carry it away!