Somerville Rescue Squad  LbNA # 56383

Ownertroop 253    
Placed DateNov 10 2010
LocationSomerville, NJ
Found By Arf!
Last Found Sep 1 2011
Hike Distance?

The somerville Rescue squad was founded in 1928. From the day it opened to about 1935, they were the only rescue squad in New Jersey. They answered calls as far away as Princeton. The SOmerville Rescue Squad is the 3rd oldest in the country. Now, they have about 87 members ranging from age 15-72, both male and female, on call 24 hours a day. On average they answer abour 2200 calls a year. This is an amazing number considering they are 100% seperate from the borough of Somerville.

1. start at the rescue squad in Somerville on Park Ave.
2. Turn north and walk toward High St.
3. Cross High St. at the cross walk
4. travel east over the white bridge
5. On your left you will see a WWI memorial

This memorial was made in commemoration of those from SOmerville, New Jersey who served in WWI. It was erected in 1931 for the efforts of John R. Stevenson. On the front it say, " Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for a friend." On the other three sides it names the Somerville residents who served in WWI

6. When facing the forn of the memorial what you seek is hidden in the bushes to your left.