Somerville Borough Hall and Library  LbNA # 56398

Ownertroop 253    
Placed DateNov 10 2010
LocationSomerville, NJ
Found By C.A. Meow
Last Found Dec 23 2014
Hike Distance?

The original residence was built Albert Camman. It bragged about being the first bathroom in town. After Mr. Camman died in 1868 and the property was sold to Eugene S. Doughty who lived in it till 1886, when his son sold it to Daniel Robert.

Once the Home Daniel Robert this castellated Gothic residence was constructed in 1888 and is a careful copy of a celebrated design by noted architect Alexander Jackson Davis. After Mrs. Robert’s death in 1923, the estate was sold to the Somerville Lodge of Elks. The ballroom they added now houses the Borough Library. The Borough of Somerville acquired the property in 1958.

Fires in 1967 and again in 1980 required extensive renovations. However, much of the elaborate original interior remains intact.

1. The Library is at the southeast corner of West End Ave. and Moutain Ave.
2. Go up the stairs to the entrance and enter through the front door
3. Walk past the circulation desk and make a left and go down the staircase
4. Walk 7 paces to the children's librarian desk
5. KINDLY ask the librarian for access to the New Jersey Room. Inform her that you are searching for the GS troop 253 letter box.
In the New Jersey they house books on Somerville historical information and current and past events as well as info that concern the community of Somerville
7. Upon entering the New Jersey room scan the book shevles for "The Girl Scout Book" In it you will find what you seek
8. Inform the librarian when you are finnished and to lock the door behind the you