Spongebob vists Laurelhurst Park  LbNA # 56452

Placed DateNov 14 2010
LocationPortland, OR
Found By flowerlion
Last Found Sep 24 2011
Hike Distance?


Start at Floral & Ankney...head East... Stopping at the Brick staircase. Count down 40 steps then 15 paces to left and you have found Sandy's Thinking Stump... Look around, so beautiful, Sandy just loves her eastern ferns...

Box 2

Sandy looks around for her friends and back up the stairs she goes. Only 24 this time and sees the light pole... She looks West along the trail and goes past 4 light poles and follows it down to the T in the path... There she finds Squidword buried at Tenticle tree... head first.

Box 3

Now Sandy & Squidword make their way down Gary's Slimy Trail. They follow it all the way to the top top of the 2nd paved trail. and see a wish bone. At the Wishbone they do heel toe 45 paces toward the green choral...near 3 trees...

Box 4

Now Sandy, Squidword & Gary get back onto the trail and head downd ward, it's much faster that way.. At 35 Gary looks left and the 3 friends roll their way down toward the lumpy tree. Gary Stops for water, then the 3 friends continue thru lumpy tree path and at the Y they rest on the bench.. It's there they find Patrick under his Rock!

Box 5

Now Sandy, Squidword, Gary & Patrick decide to head toward Goo Lagoon. Up and around to the far south side they follow the trail to Jellyfish Tenticle. It's at the end of the Jelly fish tenticle the they find Plankton trying to steel the crabby patty formula.

Box 6

Now Sandy, Squidward, Gary, Patrick, & Plankton head back up onto the trail and continue around Goo Lagoon. You will see a picnic area ... D..... Mr Crab's Hideaway isnt far... Can you spot the triangle? and Tenticle tree? Just 9 paces eastward from tentalce tree you will look down and find Mr Crab.

Box 7

Now Sandy, Squidword, Gary, Patrick, Plankton & Mr Crab make their way down around the trail again. But where is Spongebob?? It's time for a potty break. At the flagpole head 17 steps towards building and dig in.. Congratulations you have successfully found Spongebob and all his friends. Hope you enjoyed this trip around Laurelhurst park.