Flags of the States  LbNA # 56474

Placed DateJul 30 2010
LocationJuneau, AK
Planted Byanneagain    
Found By Deladventurers
Last Found Sep 21 2014
Hike Distance?

This is one of two letterboxes within walking distance of the cruise ship docks in downtown Juneau, Alaska. You'll find it near the Indiana state flag on Egan Drive. Why Indiana? This state flag was convenient to a good hiding place!

Every April, Friends of the Flags, a Juneau volunteer group, oversees the installation of the 50 state flags on the light standards along Egan Drive, from City Hall to 10th Street. 2010 was the 33rd consecutive year that the flags have been installed; they go up in the spring and are taken down in the fall. Donations of money and services from the public, from local businesses, and from local and state agencies keep this project going.

To find the letterbox, start at the SEAlaska Building, a 4- or 5-story office building on Egan Drive, between Seward and Main Streets. You'll see the long, blue, shed-like building that houses shops and the Hangar Restaurant across the street. Cross Main Street and walk along Egan Drive, past the bus terminal. Cross Willoughby Avenue and continue past Juneau's Centennial Hall (which houses the year-round Visitor's Center) and the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council building. Cross Whittier Street and continue along Egan Drive (you can detour down Whittier Street if you want to visit the Alaska State Museum).

Start watching for the Indiana state flag – its colors are the same as the Alaska flag, but it has a lot more stars! Near the base of the light standard that holds the Indiana flag is the curved end of a guardrail. The letterbox—a snap-lock container covered with camouflage tape—is hidden in a groove of the guardrail, behind the wooden post. You can go down the little path to the parking area to stamp in.

Don't worry if you're looking for this letterbox during the time of year that the flags aren't flying. Each light standard is marked to indicate which flag belongs there—so if you don't see the blue Indiana state flag, look for the letters IN.