Rusty Trails  LbNA # 56475

OwnerTroop 647    
Placed DateOct 21 2010
LocationLeesburg / Rust Nature Sanctuary, VA
Found By Night0wl
Last Found Jun 5 2013
Hike Distance?

This box is at Rust Nature Sanctuary in Leesburg, VA

Start at the Information Center,
Please, pick up a map.
Itís just the beginning
of this mystery to unwrap.

Follow Pond Road to
the end of the trail.
Take in the view for a while,
enjoy every detail.

Turn around and head back
the way that you came.
Thereís a theater on the left Ė
does it have a name?

Follow the path
that has a bridge.
Itís on the right,
across the trail just a smidge.

Thereís another bridge to cross,
if youíre in luck.
And off in the woods lies
a very old truck!

Up the hill now,
as the trail swirls right then left.
I donít know anymore,
are we going east or west?

Go past trail markers
numbered three and four.
Oops! Thereís another marker
with a number no more!

Now youíre coming upon
a sharp curve to the left.
But thereís a bench just before it,
if youíre tired and need a rest.

Further down the trail,
there are a few fallen trees.
Look on the left,
where two of them meet.

Thereís a hole in the trunk
of the one underneath.
Thatís where Iím waiting,
thatís where Iíll be!