Taste The Rainbow  LbNA # 56510

OwnerThe A-bear's    
Placed DateNov 20 2010
LocationJohnson City, TX
Found By Bulldogger
Last Found Dec 21 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 22 2015

The Taste The Rainbow letterbox is located in Pedernales Falls State Park along the Wolf Mountain Trail.

Distance: 1/2 mile round trip.

Difficulty: Moderate; use of compass required.

Clues: Upon entering the park, take the first right and park in the parking lot for the Wolf Mountain Trailhead. From the trailhead sign, walk 86 steps to an intersection. At the intersection, turn to a heading of 120* and walk 75 steps to "Parking Area" sign. From sign, continue on 200* heading for 72 steps. Turn to a heading of 100* on improvised trail for 36 steps. Turn to a heading of 020* for 11 steps to a pair of tree stumps. From the stumps, walk 12 steps on a 080* heading to a multitrunked juniper tree. Letterbox is hidden at its base covered with sticks. Please recover well.