Mitter Tmiff's Traveling Band - TRUMPET  LbNA # 56541

OwnerThe Spirit Seekers    
Placed DateNov 25 2010
LocationLyons Park, Ralls, TX
Found By lionsmane
Last Found Oct 14 2013
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Mitter Tmiff once belonged to a great Traveling Band, that played dancing music across Texas. When the rest of the musicians decided to settle down and live ordinary lives, he continued to travel to teach music to those who wanted to learn. In every town he visited, he left one of the Traveling Band's instruments in a secret spot. Mitter Tmiff hoped that one day, a very special student would find all of his instruments and re-form the Traveling Band to get the people dancing again.


Mitter Tmiff's trumpet is in Lions Park in Ralls. He chose this home for the trumpet, for this is where his love of music began. Once upon a time, when Mitter Tmiff was only a little smidgen of a Tmiff, he liked to hang around the railroad depot and watch the trains come and go through town. One day, a man disembarked from the train. The man carried only a small, faded case with him. Mitter Tmiff assumed this was the man's suitcase, but was surprised when the man opened it up and pulled out a shiny silver trumpet. The man began to play a jaunty, upbeat tune, and Mitter Tmiff couldn't help but dance to it, making up the steps as he went. When the song was finished, Mitter Tmiff approached the man. "Where did you learn to play like that?" he asked.

The man smiled down at him and said, "Oh, I picked it up here and there."

"Can I try it?"

"I'll do you one better than that," the man said. "I'll let you have this old trumpet for whatever you got in your pocket."

Mitter Tmiff was stunned. "I can't take your trumpet, mister! Won't you need it?"

"Not where I'm going. I'm headed for other things, you see." He held the trumpet out to the boy. "I think you'll take good care of it."

Mitter Tmiff fished around in his pockets. "I only got three cents and a peppermint."

"Sounds fine. I like peppermint." The man took the meager payment from the boy, put the trumpet back in its case, and turned it over to its new owner. "Keep the mouthpiece clean and the keys oiled, and it should last you a long time."

"How will I learn to play?"

"Oh, I'm sure you'll pick it up, here and there." The next train chugged into the station and the man climbed on board. As it departed, the man waved to Mitter Tmiff, and he waved and waved back until the train was a small speck down the line. He ran home as fast as he could, careful not to bang the case on his knees as he went. He couldn't wait to show his mother and brothers his wonderful new treasure.


From Hwy 62/82/114, turn South on Hwy 207 (at the flashing light). Turn left down the dirt street that runs between the highway department and the swimming pool. Lyons Park is behind the pool, on the right side of the dirt street. If you are coming north on Hwy 207, you will see the rodeo grounds, then the swimming pool, etc. on the right side of the road just as you enter Ralls.

Park near the fence and enter the playground. Make your way to the railroad building community center at the back of the playground. Find the small section of railroad tracks on the left (east) side of the building. From the low wooden stop wall, walk and count 12 railroad ties/planks. The gap underneath the porch steps (to your right) is where the box is hidden. Please re-hide well.

Keep an eye out for the rest of Mitter Tmiff's instruments!

Please log your finds here and let us know if the box needs any maintenance.