Mitter Tmiff's Traveling Band - TROMBONE  LbNA # 56542

OwnerThe Spirit Seekers    
Placed DateNov 25 2010
LocationCity Park & Pool, Crosbyton, TX
Found By lionsmane
Last Found Oct 14 2013
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Mitter Tmiff once belonged to a great Traveling Band, that played dancing music across Texas. When the rest of the musicians decided to settle down and live ordinary lives, he continued to travel to teach music to those who wanted to learn. In every town he visited, he left one of the Traveling Band's instruments in a secret spot. Mitter Tmiff hoped that one day, a very special student would find all of his instruments and re-form the Traveling Band to get the people dancing again.

Mitter Tmiff's trombone is in Crosbyton City Park. He chose this home for the trombone because this was where he liked to sit and play long, lonesome melodies across the little lake that lay beyond the park.

On Hwy 62/82/114 - if you are heading west (from Dickens), the park will be on your left soon after you enter town. If you are heading east (from Lubbock), drive all the way through Crosbyton and the park will be on your right just before you leave the city limits.

Park in the parking lot. Go around the right side of the pool house and find the dwarfed windmill and water tower next to a covered picnic table. Walk straight toward the back of the park (Watch your step in this half of the park. I turned my ankle in a hole near here that was hiding in the fluffy grass.) to an uncovered red-top picnic table. Look to your right. There are two large trees standing even with one another. The box is nestled in the branches of the tree nearest the road. Please re-hide well, adding any sticks, bark, or leaves if needed.

Keep an eye out for the rest of Mitter Tmiff's instruments!

Please log your finds here and let us know if the box needs any maintenance.