Mountain Dew Series :: Thompson Hall  LbNA # 56556

OwnerFire Neck    
Placed DateNov 17 2010
LocationMacomb, IL
Found By Music Gal
Last Found Mar 10 2012
Hike Distance?

About the Mountain Dew Series

My friends and I have an affinity for Mountain Dew. I will be planting a series of different Mountain Dew logos across Illinois to show my love for the "Green Nectar of the Gods."

We have a saying about this wonderful neon green liquid... "The first takes the hate away, the second gets a rid of the shakes and the third quenches the thirst."

The Clues

After planting this box I decided to change the name, the name in the log book reads "Mountain Dew Series :: Macomb, IL"

I planted this box near Thompson Hall, I lived here my freshman your at Western Illinois University. A lot of Dews were consumed in this place my roommate and I had a wall of Dew cans (see photo). This logo is the current logo that hit the market in January 2009.

From Alfred D. Boyer Stadium cross Corretta Scott King Dr. and take a right down the sidewalk. Count nine street lights (first being 840 & last 812) When you see the blue light veer left down the path. If you pass a crooked block post on your left you are heading in the right direction. After you pass 808 your "elixir of life" awaits you behind a large Oak on your right. If you reach the bridge you have gone too far.

Be on the look out for muggles, though the bridge is closed there could still be foot traffic. Please rehide the box better than you found it! Green and red inks will work the best.