Fort Drive-In  LbNA # 56557

OwnerFire Neck    
Placed DateOct 30 2010
LocationMacomb, IL
Found By Music Gal
Last Found Mar 10 2012
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About the Fort Drive-In
The Fort Drive-In was built by Weldon W. Allen and Earl J. Williams. Its first screening was on Sunday July 30, 1950. It had a capacity of 424 cars. It was managed by Allen & Williams until May 1, 1969 when the two sold it to Kerasote Theaters, a chain in Springfield, IL. The Drive-In featured specials like "Dollar Car Nights" where a full carload of people could see a movie for just $1, also dusk till dawn movie marathons. In the 70's a wind storm damaged the wooden screen & Kerasote replaced it with the steal screen that stands today. At the peak of the Drive-In theater craze in 1975 there were 3,801 theaters in operation, as of 2003 only 635 remain. Fort Drive-In closed its gates after the 1979 season.

The Clues
This Drive-In is almost ready to start showing movies again, it just needs one thing : )

From the intersection of W. Jackson and S. Collins, continue down S. Collins. Count three mailboxes on your right. Look for two large cement barriers on your left. The box is tucked next to the end of the second of barrier under some boards.

Please reseal the bags/boxes after stamping in and rehide out of view.