The Burma Road  LbNA # 56590

Placed DateNov 29 2010
LocationBelfair, WA
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Begin your journey in Tahuya, WA. at the intersection of "NE North Shore Road & NE Dewatto Road".

If you are not sure of where you are going, enter the above said intersection into Google Maps and get directions from Belfair, Bremerton, Silverdale or from wherever you are coming.

The "The Burma Road", as the locals call it, is a Twisting, Turning and Rutted Dirt road. If there is snow on the ground, I do not recommend the hunting of this Letterbox. In any case, please be watchful on all the corners for falling rocks onto the roadway. Furthermore, there are very step cliffs on both sides of this road, so please drive slowly and carefully.

Drive South past "Mile Marker 26" until you see a Large Telephone Box with the number 738-16(above)070920 on it. From here, begin counting the Small Telephone Boxes on both sides of the road until you reach your destination at the 20th Small Box.

Along the way, you may notice that some of the Small Boxes have numbers on them, while other do not. When you come to the 6th Small Box, you should see the number E5G6C on it. Keep driving!

After the 11th Small Box, you should see the "Mile Marker 24" sign. From here, continue counting the boxes until you see the number W6E12 on one of them. Keep driving, you are past the halfway point!

After another 5 more Small Boxes, you should come to a very sharp curve to the left and another to the right. On the sharp right curve is the 20th Small Box. If you look up the hillside on your left, you should see a stream coming down the hill and passing under the road through a large metal culvert.

Walk over to the top of this culvert and look up the hillside. About 100 feet uphill and on the right side of the stream, you should see a land creature known as the Deadly Quintapus, which is a distant cousin to the Octopus.

Within the grasp of this creature's tentacles is a large rock. Quietly approach it from behind and carefully remove from it's grasp the treasure you seek!

Hopefully, you will be able to find this letterbox. This location is about halfway along the length of "The Burma Road". You may reverse your course and return home the way you came or continue South on this road to find several more letterboxes.

For more letterboxes, travel North from Belfair towards Bremerton or Port Orchard. There are enough letterboxes to keep you busy for the rest of the day and more.

Good Luck & Happy Stamping!