The New World  LbNA # 56659

OwnerTall Texan    
Placed DateDec 5 2010
LocationHouston, TX
Found By Bulldogger
Last Found Sep 10 2011
Hike Distance?

This is a letterbox located in downtown Houston. A treasure awaits the first finder, watched over by the funeral mask of a great Aztec ruler.

To find the location where the clues begin decode the name by selecting the letter indicated from each correct answer:

Most mountains in North America lie ___ of the Mississippi River. (1st Letter)
A tributary of the Mississippi River is the ___ River. (4th Letter)
The ___ Mountains run from Canada to Mexico. (1st Letter)
The name of the ancient Aztec Capital was ___ . (1st Letter)
Brining slaves from Africa was an example of ___ migration. (4th Letter)
The ___ Exchange is an example of cultural diffusion. (8th Letter)
The ___ Canal connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. (5th Letter)

The U.S. ___ identifies our rights and responsibilities. (1st Letter)
The Tropic of ___ is at 23.5 º North latitude. (4th Letter)
The “Cycle of Change” that was the result of European exploration. (5th Letter)
The ___ Plains are in the center of the North American continent. (5th Letter)
Branch of the U.S. government that runs that administers the laws. (3rd Letter)
The interior migration that occurred after World War II was was from the city to the ___ .(5th Letter)

Start in the plaza of the main entryway which faces south. You will see a course of darker brick that forms a circle in the center of the plaza. From here follow the sound of falling water to your left. A set of steps follow the cascade downwards to the pool at the bottom. Past the bottom pool you will see seven large guardians of the treasure. Climb the stairs in the fourth guardian and find the last guardian at street level. Go inside the guardian and look out across the distance from the railing. Look down along past the railing and you will see vines climbing up on your right. The box is underneath the vines, attached by velcro to the wall.

Please replace the box on the velcro firmly when done.

Good hunting.