Guardians of the Record (2)  LbNA # 56703

OwnerLone Star Quilter      
Placed DateDec 2 2010
Location4620 Big Spring St, Midland, TX
Found ByMelissa harrell
Last UpdateFeb 18 2012


When you think of a courtroom, you think of the judge sitting at the bench, of the jury hanging on every word, of the lawyers pleading their case. But there is one person who is every bit as important to a court proceeding as any of those, yet goes unnoticed. That person is the court reporter and that personís job is to provide a legal and indisputable record of the proceedings in that room; the ďGuardian of the RecordĒ. My mother, Mickey Chamberlin, spent many years as a court reporter in the Midland County Courthouse. I can remember her sitting in her little office at home transcribing her shorthand notes into typewritten pages. I could sometimes hear the clickity-clack of her typewriter keys far into the night. Even now, sometimes Iím going through old files and find something she wrote, half normal writing and half shorthand. This box is planted here in her honor. The stamp is the logo of the National Court Reporters Association. Their motto is: Guardians of the Record.

Placed at Resthaven Memorial Park cemetery, located at SH 349 (N. Big Spring Street), just north of North Loop 250 in Midland, Texas

To the Box:
Going north, enter the cemetery on your right. Keep left and follow the road toward the back of the cemetery. If you want to see Momís grave, pass the Gethsename section on your left, then two trees with a sidewalk between them. Stop at the next tree on the left. Keep that tree on your left, walk to the 3rd marker.

To get to the box, keep driving ahead toward the mausoleum at the back and turn left in front of it. You will see a bench at the end of the road with the name Martin on it. Stop and park in front of the bench. Find the biggest tree behind the bench. The box is in the crotch of that tree, about head high, with a piece of wood on it. Please be sure to put it back carefully, covered so that it canít be seen by the casual observer. Thanks for honoring my Mom.