Navigating the Trails  LbNA # 56707

Owner6 pac    
Placed DateDec 8 2010
LocationKanopolis State Park, Marquette, KS
Found By Ma&PaD
Last Found Mar 19 2014
Hike Distance?

Head North on HWY 141 towards Kanopolis Dam. Just past Kanopolis Dam, take a left turn (west) onto Venango Rd. Stay right to stay on road at fork going towards Kanopolis State Park ranger pay station. Stop at the station to pay $3.75 parking fee and pick up a trail map.

From pay station, continue along main road and follow yellow diamond signs with black arrows and the Horse Thief Canyon signs. Closer to trail head continue to stay right following the Buffalo Tracks Trail sign. Road dead ends in a parking area at the Buffalo Tracks Trail head.

Take trail going to the right and stay on trail to marker #11. At marker #11, turn and take the trail that spokes off to the left. (NOTE: before turning at marker #11, continue on original trail for about 50' and look up to the right to see a cave that you can climb up into.)

Leaving marker #11 and heading left on new trail, you will cross a small stream and climb red rocks and a red rock formation. At the top of the rocks, the trail picks up again. From the top of the rocks, follow trail about 460'. Towards the end of the 460', you will pass 2 evergreen trees on the right and the trail cuts a deep groove in the hill. Just past the 2 evergreens, there will be a small group of rocks in trail. These are a nice spot to sit down and rest, have a snack, and enjoy the beautiful view.

At this group of rocks, look off the path about 10' to the right and there will be a decent size moss-covered rock that sticks out a bit. The letterbox is hiding underneath this rock towards the back.

You may now reverse your course to head back to your car, OR, continue on the path. This path continues forward for a short way, and then loops back around. Not far after the turn, look up and right to see another very cool, very accessible cave. At the cave, you can take the trail back across the stream and re-connect with the original trail to take you back to the parking area or EXPLORE AND NAVIGATE YOUR OWN TRAILS!