Precious Moments Chapel  LbNA # 56737

Placed DateAug 13 2010
LocationCathage, MO
Found By SW_MO_AS
Last Found Jun 18 2014
Hike Distance?

I've collectd Precious Moments for at least 15 years- I love them, and each one I have tells a story. Whenever we come to Joplin, we always take a trip over to the Chapel. This time, we brought my mom with us. It was her 1st visit.

When you get to the Precious Moments parking lot, make your way inside. Be sure to take a great picture by the front fountains, and look at the animated dolls as well. If you, like my mom, are into squished pennies- there are 2 machines in the first hall. For the box you will want to make your way to the chapel. Once there, find your way to the sitting area behind. You should see a great moated castle inbetween the trees. Go to the lowest section of the sitting area and take notice of a spot light on the left hand side, right in front of a tree. Follow with your eyes a straight line into the woods and you should come to a trunk/stump. That's the magic spot- walking from the light it's about 10 steps in.

Please be cautious when you find it. It's pretty secluded, and the sitting area is a great spot to sign in!