Fallen Tree Trail  LbNA # 5675

Placed DateSep 28 2003
LocationSpringfield, VA
Found By windsurfgator
Last Found Jan 8 2014
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 10 2015

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Hurricane Isabel didn’t like the original location of this box so I have relocated it.

Although this trek is along the Fairfax Cross County Trail, it is not well maintained at the present time.

The trail entrance is from Byron Avenue Park. Byron Avenue is off of Old Keene Mill Road west of I-95. There is no sign for the Park on Old Keene Mill Road. Byron Road is on the I-95 side of the Springfield Church of Christ. Turn north on Byron Avenue next to the church and proceed to the north end of the Park. Pass the ball fields and park in the lot with two “arrow” exit signs, go all the way to the end of the road to turn left.

At the SW corner of the parking lot find a Cross County Trail marker, take the trail down a short incline NW from there. Note the CCT markers are not numbered, however you may find it useful to know you will find nine trail markers on the way to the Letterbox.

Cross a small creek. Note, this creek may be formidable after heavy rain.

You will soon pass a lone CCT marker (#2). At the point where the small creek joins Accotink Creek, bear right. The trail then meanders north and west.

Reach a manhole cover and two consecutive CCT markers (#3 & #4) indicating the Cross County Trail direction. Double markers are placed at intersections such that the second marker you pass, going either way, identifies the Cross County Trail.

From the second marker (#4) follow the wider trail at 270 degrees. Do not go to the right up the hill, nor to the left along the creek bank.

You will pass a single CCT marker (#5).

Continue to the sign ahead which states “Watermain Crossing.” Just past the fireplug, the trail will turn right and you will see overhead transmission lines ahead. Go toward the transmission lines.

Upon reaching the transmission lines you will find two more CCT markers (#6 & #7). At #7 take the trail bearing 050 degrees, keeping the transmission lines on your left.

When you reach the next two CCT markers (#8 & #9) take the trail bearing 105 degrees to a small forest glade about 25 yards away.

Look to your left and spot a very ragged tree stump about 6 feet tall. Hidden here on the side away from the trail and about 4 feet high you will find Fallen Tree Trail Letterbox.

Take your prize and go to the other side of the trail, sit on a fallen tree and stamp in while resting in this quite place.

Please carefully hide the Box back in the stump and out of sight.

Retrace your steps to the parking lot and have a good day. I hope you found this trail interesting and enjoyed your hike. Please feel free to contact me with comments.