Big Lovely Tree  LbNA # 56754

OwnerWeald Bethel    
Placed DateJul 8 2010
LocationCherryfield, ME
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Background information about the location: The letterbox is located along the Rivendell Trail at the Maine Sea Coast Missionís 60-acre Downeast Campus in Cherryfield Maine. The property was originally owned by the Milliken family who made their fortune in the logging industry. A beautiful mansion and formal gardens overlooked the Narraguagus River. The home was destroyed by fire in and the beautiful gardens were overgrown. In 1960, the property was donated to the Maine Sea Coast Mission. Today, the property is home to the EdGE afterschool program, the Missionís direct service programs that assist people with food, clothing, housing and fuel assistance, the Weald Bethel Chapel and over 2 miles of groomed trails. Throughout the property youíll see beautiful gardens, wild flowers, birds, and other wildlife.

Clues: Enter the Downeast Campus on Weald Bethel Lane which is located on Route One in Cherryfield. Go to the end of Weald Bethel Lane until you see the Weald Bethel Chapel. Park and find the kiosk at the trail entrance. At the kiosk, youíll find a trail map which will help you find the box.
Enter the Mirkwood Loop at the kiosk. Walk 22 paces on the trail and look to your right for a tree with a pink circle on it. This is the trail marker. Walk 50 paces from this tree; look to your right. You will see a mound with 5 tree trunks growing out of it. Cross to the other side of Mirkwood Loop and continue to walk downhill. Look to your left and discover roots that are growing out of the ground - Great hiding place for a little animal. Look for a small building on your left; thatís called a lean-to. Continue to look to your left and find a tree with a trail marker. Look for two gigantic spruce trees in that area. The eagleís nest is camouflaged at the top of one of those trees and the letterbox is camouflaged on the ground between them.