Horton Hatches the Egg: Parade of Books #18  LbNA # 56783

OwnerSunny Side Up    
Placed DateDec 26 2010
Location???, WI
Found By ???
Last Found Jan 3 2011
Hike Distance?

Feedback from finders,
Is most welcome if you please,
For on occasion,
I have goofed up clues, steps and degrees.

With this plant,
I have attempted to honor,
The writing of Dr. Seuss,
And carving of Super Hedge Hoggie,
The stamp’s donor.


From the Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life,
Proceed down the path, with its deciduous flora quite rife.

Next you should come to a party on the beach,
With games in the sand,
And the sounds of certain woodwinds,
That hopefully don’t screech.

If you glance to the left while passing by the party,
You may catch a glimpse of Mr. Wright’s home,
Then proceed on your search,
With a gait hale and hearty.

What a strange sight,
Out there in the field!
Storage for fireworks,
Locked up tight and well-sealed.

Be on alert for signs of elephants,
And their relatives who once roamed these parts.
Horton is nearby,
do you sense it in your heads or your hearts?

The direct path maybe the one most perilous,
For Horton is eight steps away at twenty degrees.
An alternate route starts at eight steps away at 290,
Then down and around, going through trees.

If a well-established path is the one you’d prefer,
Seek the yolk-colored trail even further west,
Then come around to Horton’s nest.

You will find our hero,
Awaiting the blessed event,
In the center of a bush,
Once you’ve made your descent.

After your visit,
Please secure Horton back in place,
Blocking any view of his nest with branches,
Just in case.

Horton is a “good egg”,
And quite the gent,
I’m sure you’d agree,
One hundred percent.