Lakeside Journey  LbNA # 56813

OwnerThe O'Explorers    
Placed DateDec 29 2010
Location98th Ave and Kline St, Westminster, CO
Found By funkyfinders
Last Found Jun 21 2012
Hike Distance?

1. Enter the Westbrook neighborhood, which is southwest of the intersection of 100th Ave. and Wadsworth Parkway. Take first right onto 99th Place, take to the end.
2. Park at the corner of 98th Avenue and Kline St. - there is an entrance to the open space right there, and Big Dry Creek Trail.
3. Walk into open space.
4. Veer left at the "Y".Head SW on trailpast marker #4 on dry creek trail.
5. Sharp right at the next trail merge.
6. Sharp left at the next merge and continue downhill toward bridge and back up the other side.
7. Continue South on main trail toward sqaure grey building.
8. Take left after candy cane shaped pipe.
9. At the grey building, go to the left.
10. There is a tree on the right side of the trail. The box is around the tree.