The Old Lady  LbNA # 56830

OwnerPelican Lady    
Placed DateDec 31 2010
LocationNavasota, TX
Found By Playful Otter
Last Found Nov 24 2012
Hike Distance?

The Old Lady
This is my first adventure with letterboxing and it was a blast.

Go to Washington -on- the - Brazos State Park located in Washington, Texas. Park at the visitor center parking lot. Obtain a free walking trail map from the visitor center. Follow the gravel trail to the nature walk loop. Locate the nature walk sign. Follow the yellow arrow pointing straight ahead. Cross the earthern berm "dam" keeping the pond on your left and tree line on your right. Stop at the next yellow arrow pointing to the left. DO NOT FOLLOW THIS ARROW. Walk straight ahead 153 steps, stopping at twin ash trees(forked) on your left. The trees are knotted with "warts" and wrapped in vines. Facing the trees, look at the ash tree on the right. This tree has two hollow spaces at the base. The Old Lady is resting in the right hollow space at the base of the tree.