Jewel's Letterbox  LbNA # 56864

Placed DateJan 5 2011
LocationManhattan, KS
Found By OldCoin
Last Found Feb 19 2014
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Jewel's Letterbox

Letterbox Hybrid
A letterbox is another form of treasure hunting using clues instead of coordinates. In some cases, however, the owner has made it both a letterbox and a geocache and posted its coordinates on

This letterbox hybrid cache has been placed in the Fairmont Park Area. It is a regular camo ammo can hidden by the trails that run between the Kansas River bank and the dog park area.

The Manhattan area does not count yet with a letterbox hybrid. We thought it will be nice to create one and also dedicate it to my dog Jewel. She was a blue merle Aussie. An amazing dog but most of all a great friend and loyal companion.

Go to Fairmont Park in the Riley County area. The park is located at Messenger Rd north of K-177. Once you have found Messenger Road drive all the way down to the dog park. There is a parking lot provided for dog owners and their pets.

Walk all the way to the west end of the fenced area. Facing north you will see a trail that goes up the bank and leads towards the river front. Follow that trail into a bigger trail that runs parallel to the dog park.

On the trail make a left and follow the trail until you reach a crossroad of trails. Make a right and keep walking towards the river. You will go down the hill. You should be standing about 100 feet from the shore. Look to your left and you will see a big death tree laying on the ground with a bunch of dry wood next to an S-curve on another trail. Find the letterbox hidden under the trunk and among the pile of branches.

Please be sure to hide the ammo can well since it is very close to the trail it can be easily spotted.