The Amazing 4 in 1  LbNA # 56876

OwnerPZ Dude    
Placed DateDec 20 2010
LocationFairfield Park, Fairborn, OH
Found By civilguy
Last Found Sep 19 2014
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 23 2015

This is my 1st Letterbox hide. My hobby is Geocaching but I have done some letter boxing. I have a store bought stamp and my 1st hand carved smile stamp in the cache. My goal for this cache is simple, it is listed to be listed on as many location based internet sites as I can. As of right now 5 GPS sites, 2 Letterbox sites and a new smart phone based site.
On with the directions.
If you have found the park you are very good and should have no problem finding the letterbox. Two ways into the park are off of Broad and Off of Broad behind some car dealerships. Both ways are not well marked off of the street. both sides say "no exit" when clearly the road does go all the way through the park.
Once there park at the tennis courts. The cache is in the tree line between the courts and the base fence line.
From the parking lot go to the left hand side of the courts and head for the trees.
The tree line kind of dips a little then runs straight. The tree you are looking for is after the dip, behind the bushy whatever.
I stood behind the letterbox and I kind of lined it up with the middle of the 3 pine trees with the middle of the 2 left court nets. It is stuck in the tree the best I could. You can only see it from one slight angle unless you are behind the tree. I do not know the protocal is here but I will be up dating direction if I need to.
Happy Hunting.
The paper for stamping is under the camo duck tape flap. Keep the paper under the flap and it will keep it from the cachers from messing with it. They will think it is just my little identification tag.