Be My Valentine!  LbNA # 56882

OwnerCW Sun Seeker    
Placed DateDec 20 2010
CountyJeff Davis
LocationValentine, TX
Found By Desert Flower
Last Found Mar 19 2016
Hike Distance?

Valentine is a very small town and the only incorporated municipality in Jeff Davis County.

Valentine's name refers to the date of its founding in 1882 by a Southern Pacific Railroad construction crew: February 14. It is one of several cities named Valentine in the United States where one may send envelopes in order to obtain special holiday postmarks for Valentine's Day from the United States Postal Service, for which the town and its post office have received national media attention.

DIRECTIONS: On Hwy. 90 in the town of Valentine, park at the Post Office (311 California Ave.).

CLUES: Facing the Post Office entrance, look to the left to a row of cactus lining the field. There are also square wood posts along them. The 5th post is in front of a large prickly pear and next to a Mesquite tree. Look behind the post, under a rock for the small pouch.

BE SURE TO ZIP POUCH AND ALL BAGS CLOSED. Please be discreet and rehide well.